Serra Loca


Cinemagraphs: Fashion and The Absurd

I've seen a lot of high fashion looping gifs, where models stare into your soul for eternity. They are encapsulated in time in all of their beauty, surrounded by some luxurious setting.  The result is sexy and visually engaging. Check and check.

Recently, I came across Romain Laurent's looping portraits and was immediately drawn to their dark comic mystique, much more so than the many fashion cinemagraphs out there. The characters are not ultra glamorous like their polo-ad counterparts.  They're average yet relatable in their looks and wacky actions, like an absurd 30 Rock cast.  

There's something in this mundane+absurd motif that rings true to me.  Its is dark,  visually-appealing, and humorous because of the liberties it can take with reality.  While not relying on uber-sexiness or being a shoe-in for likability.  Added bonus is the stories you can attribute to these nutty scenes after sitting with them for a while.  Its like watching a car's hubcaps on the highway, and seeing the moment when they start to spin backwards.

Mark RubboComment